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PSYC-E3032 | Langage écrit : Processus, acquisition et troubles

This theoretical course is dedicated to the processes, the acquisition and the disorders of written language. The main critical issues in the field are presented, while trying to link them to everyday-life questions. Here are the 10 chapters seen in class:

  • Eye movement during reading
  • Letter and word perception
  • Relationships between written and spoken language
  • Lexical access
  • From word recognition to speech
  • From words to sentences, from sentences to texts
  • Handwriting production
  • Reading acquisition
  • Acquired reading disorders
  • Developmental reading disorders

Since 2015-2016, I use a flipped-classroom design. One week before each lesson, students receive a written version of the chapter (eBook), which include texts, animations, pictures, audio files and videos of experiments or explanations. In class, I have therefore plenty of time to address students’ questions, to re-explain concepts or experiments, to develop new points. This is also a privileged moment to go into some issues in depth and develop links with facts in the public domain.

Students can access the eBooks via the virtual university.