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PSYC-E459 | Communication scientifique

This course is given to students who aimed at doing research at short or mid-term (typically, students in master with research focus and Ph.D candidates). There are four main objectives:

  • To gain knowledge on the different situations of scientific communication
  • To master processes and tools for communicating in the scientific world (articles, talks, posters,…)
  • To understand the world of open science
  • To master processes and tools for communicating to the general public

More or less eight lessons are dedicated to introduce and develop the important ideas:

  1. Science communication: Why, how, who?
  2. Peer scientific communication: How does it work?
  3. How to write a good article?
  4. How to communicate in a scientific conference?
  5. Open science
  6. Communication to the general public

The remaining lessons are used for practice, from peer communication to general public communication, by way of role plays. Given the small number of students, lessons are highly interactive and opened to changes depending on what the students would like to approach.